Last Shelter: Survival MOD APK Download (Unlimited diamonds)

Introduction of Last Shelter: Survival MOD APK

Last Shelter: Survival MOD APK is a popular mobile strategy game developed by Long Tech Network. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a zombie virus has wiped out most of humanity. Players take on the role of a commander who must rebuild civilization and lead their survivors to safety. You can also download the World of Tanks Blitz MOD APK.

The game is free to play, but there are in-app purchases available. It has been downloaded over 50 million times and has a rating of 4.3 stars on the Google Play Store.


In Last Shelter: Survival, players must build a base, gather resources, train troops, and research new technologies. They must also battle zombies and other players to survive.

The game features a variety of different troops, heroes, and buildings. Players can also form alliances with other players to help each other out.


  • Build a base and gather resources
  • Train troops and research new technologies
  • Battle zombies and other players
  • Form alliances with other players
  • A variety of different troops, heroes, and buildings
  • Free to play with in-app purchases

Features of Last Shelter: Survival MOD APK

1. Build and Manage Your Wasteland Empire:

In Last Shelter: Survival, you’ll start with a small settlement and have to build it up into a thriving metropolis. You’ll need to construct a variety of buildings, including houses for your survivors, factories to produce resources, and military structures to defend yourself from threats. As you progress, you’ll unlock new buildings and technologies, allowing you to expand your empire and become more powerful.

2. Train and Lead Powerful Troops:

No empire is complete without a strong military. In Last Shelter: Survival, you can train a variety of different troops, each with their unique strengths and weaknesses. You’ll need to carefully consider the composition of your army before heading into battle, as different troops are better suited for different tasks. You can also level up your troops and equip them with powerful gear to make them even more effective.

3. Recruit and Upgrade Legendary Heroes:

Heroes are special units that can provide powerful buffs and abilities to your troops. There are many different heroes to collect, each with their unique skills. You can level up your heroes, equip them with gear, and even unlock new abilities for them. Having a strong team of heroes can give you a significant advantage in battle.

4. Engage in Real-Time Global Warfare:

Last Shelter: Survival is not just about building and managing your base; it’s also about competing against other players from around the world. You can attack other players’ bases, steal their resources, and climb the global leaderboard. You can also join an alliance with other players to help each other out and take on even bigger challenges.

5. Constant Content and Updates:

The developers of Last Shelter: Survival are constantly adding new content and updates to the game. This includes new heroes, troops, buildings, and events. There’s always something new to look forward to in Last Shelter: Survival, which helps keep the game fresh and exciting.

6. Free to Play with In-App Purchases:

Last Shelter: Survival is free to play, but there are in-app purchases available. These purchases can be used to speed up the game’s progression, but they are not required to enjoy the game.

7. Stunning Visuals and Graphics:

Last Shelter: Survival features stunning visuals and graphics that bring the post-apocalyptic world to life. The game is well-optimized for mobile devices, and it runs smoothly even on older devices.

8. Deep and Engaging Strategy Gameplay:

Last Shelter: Survival is a deep and engaging strategy game that will challenge you to think strategically and make tough decisions. There is a lot to learn and master in the game, which will keep you coming back for more.

9. Strong Community:

Last Shelter: Survival has a large and active community of players. You can find a wealth of information and help online, and you can also connect with other players to chat and share strategies.

10. Regular Events and Challenges:

Last Shelter: Survival features regular events and challenges that give you something new to do and a chance to win rewards. These events can be a lot of fun and can help you to progress in the game.

Technical Information of Last Shelter: Survival MOD APK

Genre: Strategy, Post-apocalyptic, Base-building, Real-time strategy

Developer: Long Tech Network

Publisher: Long Tech Network

Platform: Mobile (Android, iOS)

Release Date: November 2018

File Size: Varies depending on the device, but typically around 1GB

Language Support: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish

Monetization: Free-to-play with in-app purchases

Technical Specs:

  • Minimum Requirements:
    • Android: OS 4.4 or higher, 2GB RAM, 2GB free storage space
    • iOS: iOS 9.0 or higher, iPhone 6 or newer, iPad Air 2 or newer, iPod touch 6th generation or newer
  • Recommended Specs:
    • Android: OS 7.0 or higher, 4GB RAM, 4GB free storage space
    • iOS: iOS 12.0 or higher, iPhone 8 or newer, iPad (2017) or newer, iPod touch 7th generation or newer
  • Graphics: 3D graphics with a cartoony style
  • Sound: High-quality sound effects and music
  • Connectivity: Online multiplayer requires a stable internet connection

Additional Notes:

  • The game can be quite resource-intensive, so it is recommended to play on a device with good performance.
  • The game offers a variety of graphical settings that can be adjusted to improve performance on lower-end devices.
  • The game is regularly updated with new content and features.

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