Fluvsies MOD APK Download (Unlimited Money/Gold)

Introduction Fluvsies MOD APK

What are Fluvsies?

Fluvsies MOD APK are adorable, super fluffy creatures from the mobile game “Fluvsies – A Fluff to Luv,” developed by TutoTOONS. They’re like a mix of different animals, with big eyes, soft fur, and irresistibly cute features. You can download Exploding Kittens MOD APK.

How do you play with Fluvsies?

The game revolves around collecting, hatching, and caring for these little Fluvsies. You can combine two Fluvsies in a magical merging machine to hatch a brand new surprise egg, not knowing what kind of Fluvsie will emerge! Each Fluvsie has its unique look and personality.

What can you do with Fluvsies?

In addition to collecting and hatching them, you can also:

  • Feed and care for your Fluvsies: Keep them happy and healthy by giving them food, washing them, and putting them to sleep.
  • Dress them up in cute outfits and accessories: There are tons of fun and stylish items to choose from.
  • Play mini-games with them: Earn coins and rewards by playing fun and engaging mini-games with your Fluvsies.
  • Explore the Fluvsie world: Unlock new areas and discover hidden surprises.
  • Collect tiny pet companions for your Fluvsies: From bouncing pandas to adorable flying birdies, there are many tiny friends to collect.

Why are Fluvsies so popular?

Fluvsies are popular for many reasons, including:

  • They’re adorable and irresistible: Who can resist those big eyes and fluffy fur?
  • The game is fun and easy to play: It’s perfect for players of all ages and skill levels.
  • There’s always something new to discover: With new Fluvsies to hatch, outfits to collect, and areas to explore, the game keeps you returning for more.
  • It’s a great way to relax and de-stress: Spending time with your Fluvsies is fun and therapeutic to unwind.

Feature of Fluvsies MOD APK

1. Hatchtastic Surprises:

The excitement starts with the surprise eggs. You never know what fluffy friend will emerge when you place two Fluvsies in the magical merging machine. Each egg hatches a unique Fluvsie with its own appearance and personality, keeping you guessing and collecting with enthusiasm.

2. A Rainbow of Fluffiness:

Collect a vast variety of Fluvsies! From fluffy bunnies and cuddly cats to playful pandas and even spiky hedgehogs, the diversity is endless. Each Fluvsie boasts unique fur colors, patterns, and accessories, making your collection truly one-of-a-kind.

3. Nurturing Fun:

Your Fluvsies need your love and care! Feed them yummy treats, bathe them to keep them sparkling clean, and tuck them into cozy beds for a good night’s sleep. Witnessing their happiness and growth adds a heartwarming dimension to the gameplay.

4. Fashionable Flair:

Unleash your inner stylist! Dress your Fluvsies in an array of adorable outfits and accessories. From charming dresses and hats to funky sunglasses and shoes, the options are endless. Let your creativity shine and transform your Fluvsies into fashion icons!

5. Mini-Game Mania:

Engage in a variety of fun and exciting mini-games with your Fluvsies. Earn coins and rewards while testing your skills in memory games, puzzle challenges, and more. These mini-games add a refreshing burst of activity to your Fluvsie-filled adventure.

6. A World to Explore:

The world of Fluvsies extends beyond your cozy home. Unlock new areas filled with hidden surprises and exciting activities. Discover secret gardens, bustling cafes, and even magical shops, expanding your Fluvsie experience.

7. Tiny Pet Companions:

Fluvsies aren’t alone! Collect adorable tiny pet companions to join them on their adventures. From bouncing pandas and playful puppies to colorful birds and mischievous kittens, these tiny friends add another layer of cuteness and interaction to the game.

8. A Community of Fluvsie Lovers:

Connect with other Fluvsie enthusiasts online! Share your collection, participate in fun challenges, and discover new tips and tricks to enhance your gameplay. The Fluvsie community fosters a sense of belonging and adds a social dimension to the experience.

Technical Information of Fluvsies MOD APK


The goal of the game is to collect and hatch Fluvsies, which are cute and fluffy creatures. Fluvsies can be hatched by combining two adult Fluvsies in the game’s “Merging Machine”. Each time you merge two Fluvsies, you have a chance of hatching a new Fluvsie with a different appearance. There are over 100 different Fluvsies to collect in the game.

In addition to collecting Fluvsies, you can also care for them by feeding them, washing them, and putting them to sleep. You can also dress up your Fluvsies in a variety of outfits and accessories.


  • Over 100 Fluvsies to collect
  • Merge Fluvsies to create new ones
  • Care for your Fluvsies by feeding them, washing them, and putting them to sleep
  • Dress up your Fluvsies in a variety of outfits and accessories
  • Play mini-games to earn coins and rewards
  • Explore the Fluvsie world and unlock new areas
  • Connect with other Fluvsie players online

Technical specifications

  • Genre: Puzzle, Simulation
  • Developer: TutoTOONS
  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Release date: October 24, 2017
  • File size: Varies depending on the device
  • Age rating: 4+


Fluvsies is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. In-app purchases allow players to purchase coins, gems, and other items that can be used to progress in the game.


Fluvsies has been downloaded over 50 million times and has a rating of 4.4 stars on the App Store and 4.3 stars on Google Play.

Critical reception

Fluvsies has been generally well-received by critics. AppAdvice praised the game’s “adorable graphics” and “fun and easy-to-learn gameplay”, while Pocket Gamer called it a “delightful and relaxing game that’s perfect for players of all ages”.

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