Bloons TD 6 v38.3 MOD APK (Free Shopping,Unlocked All) Download

An exciting tower defense game introduced to players is Bloons TD 6, a game with many interesting elements that any player will find. Many original characters can appear inside this game, and each unit has its role to play in helping you overcome the challenges of the game. So, if you are looking for something new, then this is a perfect choice.


Players will experience the familiar gameplay of a tower defense game when they and their monkey teammates avoid the invasion of colorful balloons. So you will spend time experiencing the mechanics inside this game, and it is pretty rich for players to choose from. Like many other games of the same genre, players also have an army to use and protect their territory in Bloons TD 6. This construction is entirely up to you, and you can reach in many different positions if you feel the need and make sure that area you can place a corresponding monkey. Therefore, you will not be passive in choosing the location to complete the level in this game compared to other games of the same genre. In addition, although you can see characters that help you achieve the level, they will not be free from the start and will need a condition to unlock them.

In each match, you can quickly knock down the balloons, and depending on the speed and nature of the monkeys, the number of balloons that can be knocked down will be different. In other words, if you put your minions in the right place, you will kill more than a ball. So, in the playing process, you will realize how to effectively position each unit that you own inside this game because you should not let any balls to the area be protected.


The mechanism of buying combat units in this game is entirely different from some other games. Specifically, you will have two factors that you will need to take care of. That’s the gold you get through popping the ball. The second factor to consider is the XP that each monkey unit can get through combat, and each resource has different functions that you can consider when using gold to buy units and XP to upgrade them.

At the beginning of the game, you will receive a certain amount of money, and you will need to use them ultimately to use them for other purposes like buying Heroes with impressive abilities. So, when each unit you receive a certain amount of XP, you can proceed to upgrade their skills. This selection takes quite a while to learn as there are three branches of upgrades that you can find. In other words, you will need to choose the right improvement for each different situation.


As mentioned above, you won’t be able to reach too many units and heroes. So, through different matches, you will open up exciting new things by increasing your level. As for the monkey units, you’ll unlock a new unit when you level up, and you’ll learn the properties of the one you just unlocked. As for Heros, you will need to reach a level required in the Heros section of this game to use them in battle.

Unlike other games of the same genre, the heroes in Bloons TD 6 have similar characteristics to other monkey units that you will need money to buy and place them in the correct position. Also, when they reach a certain amount of XP, they can unlock a skill to use for a while. It works similarly to buff because of the temporary effect it gives and each hero has unique skills you can find in the character info.


When you experience Bloons TD 6, you will surely love it because of the fun that this game’s mechanics bring when you cannot take your eyes off the screen because the challenges always appear before your eyes. You will go through many levels with different features, and above all, they are all beautifully designed to impress anyone. So you will always have to pay attention to them and make the choices that are suitable to the situation.

This game owns an awe-inspiring level system, and you will take time to overcome it. At the same time, you will travel to various places in the game and meet new challenges added, such as colorful balls or levels with increased difficulty. In addition, in the current version, a new hero has been added, and you can quickly find ways to own this character and finish more achievements in the game.

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